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March 5, 2011

Fashion Trends: Thigh High Short Prom Dresses for 2011

Market Press Release – February 21, 2011 1:16 pm – Pomona, California, February 14, 2011-, the Californian Company known best for the prom dresses it displays, is now offering thigh high sensations added to the 2011 prom dresses category section. “What can now be explored is the range that calls for Great Buys”, as said by the couture designers presenting shorter lengths in 2011 prom dresses. What is offered online is up for a surprise with tutu style intricately beaded shorter length for belle of the ball feeling in combinations of whites and grays, purples with platinum and prints of white versus black. Short prom dresses 2011 emphasizing every bit of the style in line has the beaded bustier range available and bow style ruched belt complimenting midriffs of short prom dresses 2011 and the next in line with layering as prom fashion 2011 specials. The bolder prints have their place in the shorter innovative prom fashion 2011, with the everlasting simplicity of puffy look alike in the bottom strapless dress, not losing its essence as new prom dresses for the season.

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March 5, 2011

New Fashions: 2011 Line of Prom Dresses

PRLog (Press Release)Feb 22, 2011 – Misses Dressy, an online clothing company, recently released its latest collection of prom dresses for 2011. The new line features dresses suitable for different body shapes and skin tones. The dresses all come in a wide range of sizes and colors for each individual model. 

Misses Dressy has a total of 144 dresses for the Prom 2011 collection, each carefully tailored to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Misses Dressy also provides an individualized sizing chart that customers can use to determine which size they should order. The dresses are very reasonably priced and can fit any budget.

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