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August 25, 2012

Poem to a Special Aunt

Strong women lift and carry
the burdens of this world.
But it takes a special woman
to do it with a smile.
That’s why I give to you this
poem to a special aunt.

Often times we overlook the sister of
our mother and father.
We even write funny poems about
sisters and a special poem for

But when we have a special aunt
that is awesome as you,
the cute sister quotes, thank you
poems to a special teacher, and
poems for sorority sisters will
never do.
How about a very special poem to
a special aunt.

You’re special because
you’re always there for
me when I need you.

You give me words of encouragement,
pat on the back, and
even a kiss on the cheek
when I most need it.

This poem to a special aunt
is to celebrate Y-O-U.
Young at heart,
open door policy,
unique woman.

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